Machine learning is the future

What is machine learning?

We live in a world filled with many difficult decisions. In fact, we’ve managed to do it every day. Say, purchasing a vehicle, should you choose a sports or sedan style?

Machine learning is a method of teaching computers how to make and improve predictions or behaviors with a massive amount of data.

How to make a decision?

Supervised learning is a way to train the computers with a massive amount of data. The massive amount of data break it down into two sets of data training set and testing set, in order to make a precise prediction. “Teachers use books (Training Data) and Quizzes (Test Data) to train the students and the final grade can predict the student future. ”

Unsupervised learning has no training data and the outcomes are unknown. There are no specific books (Training Data) for the teachers to teach.

Why machine learning is the future?

Machine learning allows computers to become more intelligent, constantly adapt and learn from new and contextual data for real-time decision making for an accurate prediction. At the end of the day, the computers are trying to predict something or see patterns.

What happens when there’s too much data and not enough answers? Valuable data can go to waste because the decision-making process takes a very long time to connect data and analysis. But, machine learning comes to the rescue with the ability to wade through and sort data as quickly as possible, which is significantly more efficient than humans.

Machine learning is a powerful tool. It influences how we work, drive and shop




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