It’s time for T-Shaped

Generalists have a variety of skills and are perceived as jacks of all trades and master of none. A specialist has deep knowledge of a subject as a subject matter expert.

Every organization needs specialists and generalists. A T-Shaped person is someone who has a broad range of knowledge and skills in a particular area of specialization.

Every job listed on require or prefer you to have a broad range of skills and experiences. Is company shifting to do more with less? Generalist vs Specialist

Over time, it’ll be natural that everyone leans towards becoming a generalist. T-shaped skills are the future and are in every area of your career.

Full Stack Developers, Content Writers, and Managers require T-Shaped skills.

LAMP Developers specialized in PHP with a broad range of skills in Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

Content writers specialized in creative writing with a broad range of skills in search engine optimization, digital marketing, and analytics.

Technical Managers specialized in team building and coaching with a broad range of technical skills such as Ruby On Rails, Databases, and cloud.


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