Heimdall Data auto-caching came to our rescue

Performance is a major concern for any application developer and organization. Often enough, people don’t worry about it until revenue, organic traffic and session time start to dip or when they see high infrastructure costs on P&L. This needs to be something everyone focuses on up front, not when the ceiling is falling down. When performance needs to be improved, caching is often the first step taken. The best caching is the type used without involving your application.

Heimdall Data auto-caching came to our rescue. We were able to develop our application 10x faster without additional coding and worry about what/when to cache/expire to improve our time to market. The analytic tool is awesome! It helped us find performance bottlenecks very quickly. We were able to see SEO ranking, user session times, search engine page crawled per day improve day after day while saving for development and infrastructure cost. We spent less time finding bottlenecks, coding, and reduced cost on databases. RDS is our most expensive item in our infrastructure and we were able to reduce our databases cost by using Hemidall Data analytic tools to find/fix the bottleneck very quickly and caching more.


Watch Heimdall live demo here


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